Why People Are Not Joining Your Company? 

I know sometime we don’t have to know everything about the network marketing Industry but I want to be transparent with you all right now !!😎.

I do not always have answer !!! ?? .😕 .I do know where to find some example from my qualified mastermind colleagues in the community of network marketing. Here is one of the them 👇..

Hey Adolphus

This is your friend Ferny Ceballos from Elite Marketing Pro ..I recall years ago I heard this statement…

“People don’t join your company and they don’t buy into ‘systems’… they join YOU.”

And I found this to be 100% true.

Since we’re driven by emotion, we want to connect with people, and not a brochure, a fancy website, a compensation plan, or a system.

And that’s where many people drop the ball…

They sell the company, the leadership team, the comp plan, the product and MISS the most important sale… selling people on THEM.

No wonder so many have a hard time with recruiting.

So then how do you sell yourself?

First let me tell you how NOT to do it.

You don’t do it by telling everyone that your company is the greatest thing since sliced bread, because YOU say so.

You don’t try to convince others that your products are the very best out there because YOU tried them.

And you definitely don’t do it by showing pictures of one of your upline’s mansions, boats and airplanes as “proof” that your business works.

By the way, I’ve done all that myself at one time, so I’m as guilty as anyone. The way you do it is by positioning yourself as a leader and an authority in the market.

In other words…

You brand yourself. Not the company, the products or the comp plan. All that is fantastic. But remember, people don’t really buy all that stuff.

What they buy is YOUR leadership.

YOUR conviction.

And YOUR credibility.

By branding yourself, you automatically gain the position of authority. And people start flocking to you like a crowd of teenage girls packing out a Justin Bieber concert.

Inside Attraction Marketing Formula, you’re going to discover exactly how to do that.

In fact…⌚

I have an entire section for you, on how to brand yourself and your business… and get a large number of people to hang on to your every word.

Want to experience that kind of “celebrity effect”💲💷💰 in your business?

Listen to the video on the Attraction Marketing Formula and let’s get started👇…



Ferny Ceballos

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